Solace Balok

Inspired by the timeless bond between generations, ‘From Father to Son, from Son to Father’ unveils a captivating journey that pays homage to Pantai Balok, the cherished birthplace and nurturing ground of their shared heritage. This captivating scent embraces the intergenerational connection, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey that revitalizes and uplifts. In the liberating atmosphere of Balok, the fragrance breathes new life into old memories, forging an everlasting bond.

Our Story

Introducing Maison d’ Azeez, a captivating perfume born in Malaysia with the ambition to transcend mediocrity and shine as a star among the masses. Proudly representing Malaysia as an independent niche perfume house, Maison d’Azeez is dedicated to crafting olfactory dreams with an unwavering attention to detail. Like a bold and audacious opera of art, this perfume dares to break boundaries, combining the science of luxury with the essence of excellence.

“The perfume you wear is the final touch in your overall demeanour, your signature scent is a statement to the world that you know who you are and it presents your individuality to the world.”

 Azeez Akasah

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